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Claire Heart, Taylor Raz

August 27, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

After uncle Bob fucked me senseless step-daddy came home and found me naked in bed and knew immediately I'd been bad. He told me how disappointed he was and I told him I'd do anything to make him happy. I started by sucking his cock and then rode his dick but that didn't take his mind off punishing me at all. Next thing I knew he had me bound to a saw horse and was spanking me hard. Daddy remembered I was ticklish and tormented me by tickling my feet and sides. With a lot of begging I got daddy to fuck me again but the spanking and tickling continued til he came all over my belly. The other day after school I was waiting for daddy and he came home with some gold digging bimbo named Taylor Raz. I know he did it just to make me mad but when they went to his room I was more turned on than furious. When I heard them fucking I peeped through daddy's door. With the way he was fucking her I couldn't help but finger my wet pussy til I came really hard. That Saturday daddy left to go shopping and Taylor came in to talk to me. She started to apologize and suddenly we were kissing. Next thing I knew daddy's girlfriend and I were eating each others pussies and cumming all over my bed. Daddy came home in the middle of our lesbian fun and joined us on the bed. Little did either of us know that Taylor had all this planned. Then the psycho scooped me off the bed and carried me away with her. I hope daddy rescues me soon.

Claire Heart

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