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Andrea Sky

August 13, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

The other day I was at the mall shopping and found this awesome pair of shoes that were on sale for $300. I picked out a few things to go with them but when I got to the register my credit card was declined. I felt so embarrassed I almost cried. When I got home step-daddy was on the couch watching horse races. I asked him about the card and you can imagine my surprise when he told me he had them frozed. Now whats a high maintenance brat like me going to do without credit cards. Light bulb! I had seen daddy stealing glances at me in my lingerie and nighties so I figured I'd treat him like any other boy and use his cock to control him. I curled up next to him on the couch and began to seduce him by rubbing his leg and then starting to strip. He tried to resist my charms at first but once he saw my perky tits I knew he was mine. I took his hard cock in my mouth and teased him til he agreed to give me a $300 limit but that just wasn't enough for me. I knew he couldn't resist my tight pussy so I sat on his cock and started riding it. I don't know if it was because screwing my daddy was taboo or the size of his cock but something got me hotter than I've ever been. I rode daddy hard for awhile and once I convinced him to increase my limit I let him cum in my tight little pussy. A few days later I had maxed out my cards again and there was an awesome sale at one of my favorite stores. Luckily I knew just what to do.

Andrea Sky

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