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Layla Layne

June 25, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

I came home from a hard day of classes and my feet really hurt. I asked my stepdad to rub them for me and of course he agreed. While he is rubbing my pantyhose covered feet we start talking about my day and the topic turns to Sex-Ed. As you know I'm still a virgin and I've been having fantasies about daddy but he didn't know it yet.
I told him I was getting serious about a boy and needed to know how to put a condom on and he fell right into my trap. I think he secretly had fantasies of his own cause it was too easy to seduce him. Daddy agreed to show me how as long as I didn't tell. Daddy had me lick and suck his cock til he got hard then showed me how to put a condom on. We were both so hot by then I climbed on his lap and started riding him. His cock felt so good in my pussy I think I had an orgasm right away. Apparently that's what one feels like because I soon had another and spasms wracked my body. Daddy moved me into a few positions and made me cum a few more times before he came too. That felt so good even with a condom. A few days I went into daddy's bedroom begging for another lesson. He of course was more than willing so I sucked his cock awhile. When he was hard I unwrapped the condom like he told me and put it on right the very first time. I was dying to get his cock inside me again so I quickly straddled him and started riding. After a few minutes daddy told me to lean back and he played with my pussy while I rode him. What an awesome orgasm that was. Daddy let me ride him some more then I got on my back where he fucked me to several screaming orgasms. After I came more times then I could count it was daddy's turn. He had me do something special and I sucked and stroked his cock til he exploded. After he came I licked up his cum. It was so good.

I Love Cum!
Layla Rayne

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