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Claire Heart

April 2, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

The other day after step-daddy left for work I was sitting in his office and this strange urge came over me. I started thinking about daddy and got really horny. I found myself pulling my panties to the side and playing with my tight little pussy. My fingers teasing my clit sent spasms of pleasure through my body and soon I was imagining daddy being there too. I started fantasizing about licking his cock from the head to his balls and suddenly my pussy got super wet. I imagined taking it in my mouth and sucking it while playing with my pussy and I came hard again. I could almost feel the drool running down my chin as I imagined my lips sliding faster and faster down the length of his shaft. My lips even tasted like his semen all salty and sweet at the same time. My mind was really getting carried away and soon I was dreaming of daddy's cock in my tight little pussy. I could see him laying me down on his desk and fucking me so hard. Just the thought of his hard cock in my pussy had me coming again in no time. As I continued to finger my pussy I imagined him bending me over and fucking me hard from behind until he fills me with his seed. My daydream was so intense I made a mess in daddy's chair before nodding off with a smile on my face. I really need to get daddy's cock soon.

To My Step-Daddy,
Claire Heart

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