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Chi Chi Medina

March 26, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

I can't believe this happened so quick. A few months back I came home early from school and Step-Uncle Ben was on the couch rubbing his cock. For some reason instead of being embarrassed I was completely aroused. I assured my nervous Uncle it was okay and offered to assist him. I almost felt like someone else was controlling my desires as I grabbed his cock and stroked it. Uncle Ben's inhibitions went out the window quickly as my tiny mouth closed around his cock. I know it was wrong but I had to feel my Uncle's cock deep inside me so I stripped off my clothes and started riding his cock. I shuddered with orgasm after orgasm within minutes and almost lost control but Uncle Ben caught me and made me get on my knees. He bent me over on the couch and fucked me hard until he accidentally exploded deep inside me and I freaked out. I'm not on the pill so I hope I don't get pregnant. But I wanted more. I'm really getting daring with my affairs. The other night I slipped into Uncle Ben's room, right next to my parent's room, and woke him up for a blowjob. The taboo feelings plus the excitement of possibly getting caught had us fucking furiously in no time. Uncle Ben was so hot he exploded inside me after I'd only cum twice. I skipped my last class the next day. I got home early went to my bed waiting for Uncle Ben. He wasted no time slipping his cock in my mouth then I begged him to fuck this schoolgirl until I collapsed from orgasm. He fucked me so hard through orgasm after orgasm that my legs were flailing and shaking. When my final orgasm approached I begged him to jizz on my face. I wanted to rest with his dried cum on my cheek. My stepdad came in and yelled at me half naked to get pajamas on.

I Love My Step-Uncle,
Chi Chi Medina

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