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Jessica Hart

March 19, 2016


Description: Dear Diary,

My Master sent me to a slave trading ring. Soon I was bound in a training facility. I came to my senses and my trainer walks in. He proceeds to tease and fondle me despite my protests. Only my Master can do this. Then I remember he sent me here, so it's alright. My trainer grabs a hitachi, hikes up my skirt and makes me orgasm within seconds. I moans as the vibrations hit my bare pussy and soon I cum hard. My Trainer continues to make me cum while spanking my ass and even grabs me by the throat to assert his control. Even after multiple orgasms I refuse to submit to him so he gags me and leaves me tied for the night. I find myself bound to a bench naked for the next phase of my training. My trainer begins to flog my ass, causing cries of pleasure and pain. I begin to get turned on from the flogging so he switches to bare handed spanking which seems to have the same effect. After a few minutes he grabs a wooden paddle and with only a few brutal swats has me ready to submit to his will. Leaving me bound to the bench he pulls out his cock and makes me beg to suck it. I take his cock in my mouth and take it deep in my throat, turning on in the process. I beg him to fuck me and he moves between my legs. I'm so turned on when his cock hits my pussy I almost cum but my trainer keeps me from cumming with some hard slaps. He fucks and spanks me to the edge of orgasm several times until I beg to cum. He fucks me hard til I do then makes me lick his cock clean, showing me how to be a perfect slave. For the final phase of my training my arms are tied tight together and latched to the overhead rings making me remain bent over. My trainer spanks my ass again bringing sharp cries of pleasure and pain before mouth fucking me. I enjoy his treatments so much my pussy begins dripping uncontrollably. I beg him to fuck my wet pussy and he moves behind me. With my arms still bound he brutally pounds my pussy til I cum deliciously several times. I will be a perfect slave for a deserving Master.

Hoping for a Master,
Jessica Hart

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