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JC Simpson

December 17, 2015


Description: JC Simpson is on the mat with a guy who she thinks is cute but can't possibly beat her. He doesn't think he could possibly be beat by a girl as well. She bets him that who ever taps out the most times in 10 minutes loses. Whoever wins gets to do whatever they want. The guy makes it clear that he will fuck her if he wins. JC dominates him on the mat. She grapples a little dirty, going for his balls from time to time, but legitimately out wrestles him 9 times out of 10. The one time the guy gets the jump on her, he does manage to pull her leotard down to expose her perfect titties. After JC wins she lets him know what she wants: to torment the fuck out of his balls, femdom control, which she does, but it makes her horny. Now that JC Simpson has completely dominated her man on the mat and busted his balls with a tight grip, she is horny. She wants to get off, and tells him that she can't count on him for that. So she plugs in a hitachi vibrator and goes to town on her clit, also rubbing the powerful vibrator on his sore cock and balls until she cums. Her man is dyeing to fuck her, watching her get off right just inches from his cock, but she makes it clear that she doesn't need him, even denying him a mean handjob. If he wants more CBT fun, no problem!

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