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Vanessa Vixon

December 10, 2015


Description: Vanessa Vixon is wearing a tight black leotard, shiny tights, white socks and pink sneakers. She has her hair in pigtails and her pink lipstick is on heavy. She really wants to suck your cock. It seems she has a trick up her sleeve for this POV clip. After seducing you into a blowjob, she tells you that she wants to get a bit rough. She goes back to sucking your cock, looks up at you and smiles, then stands up to tease you with her sexy body, gives you a couple light taps to the balls, a little squeeze, a light knee, then goes back trying to suck the cum right out of your cock with her DSLs. She wants you to cum all over her perfect tits, right on her sexy black leotard. Of course, there's a catch. The torment gets a little rougher as the amazing blowjob goes on. When you know you are going to cum, she knows there's nothing that can stop you. She pulls out a pair of pliers and tells you how she's going to castrate you by crushing your nuts off. She's happy about this, like it's Christmas morning. You can't stop her, you need to cum, and you are powerless over her. The ballbusting and CBT fun is actually helping you get closer to exploding all over her. She sucks you off and then jerks your cum off all over her perfect tits, and then giggles in your face when she ends your manhood in a really painful.

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