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Macy Cartel, Sadie Holmes

November 12, 2015


Description: Macy Cartel and Sadie Holmes are two sexy and mean web cam girls, waiting on some nerd to fix their computer so they can get to work. When he finally shows up and tells them his fee, they decide to pay him in another way. At first they flirt with him and tease him, knowing he probably does not get around many super hotties like themselves. He is like putty in their hands. Just when the nerd thinks he is going to have the night of his life, Sadie puts her shiny red high heel in his balls while Macy giggles. This is going to be a long night. They tease, humiliate and break his balls with knees and kicks. Macy smothers his face with her perfect ass, making him smell her pussy while Sadie drives her knee into his balls. Then Macy gets her turn to knee him while Sadie sits on his face. They make him strip in front of them. They take their tops off to reveal natural perfect breasts, which bounce amazingly while they kick him in the nuts. They leave him holding his balls on the ground to get changed into something meaner. They have plans for this nerd. They change into some shiny high cut leotards, shiny pantyhose and some fucked up heels. They are going to break this nerd's balls. One holds him while the other kicks and knees. They cheer each other on, they tease him with their sexy bodies, giggling while he moans and pleads for mercy only to knee him harder. They lay him down so one can smother his face with her perfect pussy and ass while the other abuses his nuts. The louder he screams the better it feels for the girls. They peel their shiny leotards down to reveal perky natural bouncing boobs while they kick and knee him until they leave him on the ground holding his balls. They aren't finished yet. Macy and Sadie have the nerd on all fours, ready to get fucked in the ass. They have broken his will and balls. Now they are going to turn him into their little ass slut. Macy makes the nerd to smell her pink pussy through her white pantyhose while Sadie pounds his ass in a couple positions with her favorite strapon dildo. Threesome peggings are the best! They humiliate him, degrade him and do it until he likes it. While Sadie has him bent over the couch, Macy milks his cock from below. They encourage him to cum all over her chest while getting fucked from behind. They need him to love getting his ass fucked. Sadie keeps fucking his ass and they make him say out loud what a slut he is until he finally cums a huge load all over Macy's tits.

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