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Amanda Winchester, Miss Dee, Lance Hart

October 22, 2015


Description: Amanda Winchester is sitting on a couch with Lance Hart. She is dressed slutty hot in hot pink fishnets and high heels. She has long term plans for Lance. He just doesn't know it yet. She plans to make him into her eunuch slave. First, she has to take complete control of Lance by teasing him. She teases Lance with her sexy body, rubbing up against him until he is hopelessly erect. She tells him he lost the game so he has to strip for her. Lance is still excited until Amanda tells him that she loves to kick boys in the balls. Amanda keeps her tone seductive as she kicks him hard in the nuts. Lance doesn't know what to think as she teases and kicks him until he is on the ground holding his sore balls. She walks away, leaving him broken. Lance is icing his balls when Amanda Winchester walks back in the room in shiny pantyhose, knee high socks and pink sneakers. She sits on his face and slaps him hard in the nuts. She straddles his face forward and backward, grinding her pussy on his house and slapping him hard in the balls, loving his squirming and his pain, but talking so soft and sweet. Amanda needs to break his will and it takes a certain sweet kind of evil. She stands him up, continuing to talk sweet while she kicks him hard in the nuts with her pink sneaker. She wraps her legs around his head from behind, puts him in a scissor squeeze with her pantyhose covered thighs and slaps him hard in the nuts. Later, Lance comes to with his hands tied behind his back, sitting on the ground in his underwear and Amanda is tapping him in the balls with the side of her high heel shoe. She is sitting in a chair above him with her legs crossed. Amanda wants him to choose the method of his emasculation. She kicks him in the nuts to motivate him. Amanda bends over to put her ass in his face. She drives her high heel into his cock, slaps his balls and continues to torment him until he makes a decision and picks the way he will lose his balls. She kicks him on more time and leaves him tied up. She has a friend from work that she wants to have help her. Miss Dee comes over and Lance is naked and upside down. The two sexy ladies in nylons and tight skirts are talking to each other about how they are about to castrate him. When they decide to let him cum one last time. Dee thinks that it should be humiliating for him. They should make him cum all over his own face. Amanda loves the idea and grabs his balls while Dee lubes up his cock for the last time ever. They tell him the painful and slow way they will be destroying his balls while Dee milks his cock and Amanda squeezes his balls. He can't help but get hard, even as Dee talks about making him eat his last load of cum before his balls are cut off.

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