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Mean Handjobs Ashley Sinclair Blackmailing Bitch

February 18, 2016


Description: Worthless bottom boy is married to Ashley Sinclair's sister. A very dominant, cruel sister, who makes sure her brother-in-law has got the sex skills he needs to keep the marriage happy. She tests his resolve, and pushes his threshold of pain beyond his limit with some humiliating cbt, orgasm training, and rough sex that leaves him totally broken. Ball kicking? Bitch boy takes every hard kick and knee Ashley offers his deserving jewel bag. His nutsack also endures numerous slaps and squeezes. Ashley changes outfits four times, revealing more of her body and perky tits as his sex slave training progresses. A nice tease to coincide with his increasing distress. Next, he is stripped to his boxers, which are bluer than his balls. Ashley is wearing a sheer leotard and fishnets, and starts round two by kicking and standing on his balls with her stockinged feet. She crushes his cock and balls with her full weight while he helplessly whimpers. Next, Ashley finds out that punk-in-law also has a foot fetish when she stuffs her sweaty stockinged feet into his mouth and makes him worship them thoroughly. Next, she is wearing white wedge heels and another transparent leotard. She sits on his face, smothering him. Finally, she is wearing gray tights and is completely topless when she sits on her brother-in-law and jerks him off until he cums all over her legs. She threatens to blackmail him with the DNA splattered on her stockings unless he pays her bills, and lets her go shopping on him.

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