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Jasmine Shy, Lance Hart

September 24, 2015


Description: Lance Hart's girlfriend told him that he is a dancer and sent him to Jasmine Shy for dance lessons. He wants to make his girlfriend happy and can't believe how hot his new dance instructor is in her tight black leggings, high heels and black bra. Jasmine tells him she thinks she can help show him some moves. She moves her hips along with him, sexy as fuck, then out of no where, she nails him in the nuts with a hard knee and laughs when he drops to the ground. "Awe, did I hurt your balls?" She comforts and teases him at the same time, encouraging him to keep trying to dance for her, kneeing and kicking him over and over until he is flat on his back in pain. When Lance is on his back, Jasmine tells him what is really going on. His girlfriend gave him to Jasmine to be her new sex slave. Jasmine is happy to announce that she can do whatever she wants with him because she owns him now. Jasmine rams her foot in his mouth, making her worship her feet while he is still on his back holding his balls. She stands him up for some more ball torment. Time has passed and Lance now lives in Jasmine's dungeon. Jasmine enters to find Lance just where she left him: in bondage. Jasmine gags Lance with her sweaty nylons and goes to work playing with her slave. She torments his balls with hard kicks and knees, teases him with her sexy body and revels in her domination over him. After quite a bit of hard ballbusting, Jasmine tells her slave that she put an ad out for him. She is going to invite a bunch of men over to gang bang him. She laughs while he tries to beg through his gag and continues to destroy his nuts. "You won't be needing those anymore." Jasmine returns to her sex slave, still bound in her dungeon. Now she is wearing a sexy tight black leotard, black pantyhose and high heels. She has a bottle of lube in her hand and wants to milk her slave's balls empty before she castrates him. After he is neutered, a group of guys are going to come over and have their way with his ass. Jasmine needs to make some extra money with her sex slave. Before she starts to lube up his cock for his last milking ever, Jasmine kicks Lance hard in the balls a couple times. Then she peels her tight leotard down to expose her big perfect breasts. As she strokes his cock she reminds him that if he cums, he is losing his balls. Maybe he can hold out? She continues to stroke and tease him, talking dirty and playing with her tits. Just to make sure he won't be able to keep from cumming she lubes up her big round perfect breasts and goes back and forth between stroking his cock with her hand and her perfect tits. Lance can't hold out from cumming while fucking her perfect tits. As he gets closer and closer Jasmine tells him with a smile, "Don't cum or I'm going to cut off your balls!" He blows his last load all over her neck and big tits. He didn't need those balls anyway. After all, he's going to be her anal sex slave from now on.

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