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Roxanne Rae, Jessica Robbin,

September 10, 2015


Description: Roxanne Rae is renting a room from Lance Hart. As she walks in and is shown around, she grabs him and knees him hard in the balls and pushes him down on the couch. She is wearing a tight short mini-skirt, white high heels, a bodysuit and black nylons and looking adorably evil. Lance is bewildered with aching balls, trying to understand why his super cute new roommate just did that. Roxanne doesn't slow down at all. She grabs him by the balls and explains that if she had to sign a 12 month lease, he is going to be her bitch for 12 months. Roxanne squeezes and kicks Lance in the nuts over and over, teasing him in between, then finally tells him that he is going to take 5 hard kicks while laying on the ground. He spreads his legs and takes it. When Roxanne is confident that she has established the nature of their living arrangement, she struts off to get something from her car. Lance is still on the ground holding his balls when she struts into the room, high heels clacking on the floor, swinging a big strap-on cock with a big smile. He is going to have to learn to love to take cock. He is reluctant at first but completely submits to her after all the ballbusting. Once she has him bent over, it doesn't take him long to love her big long strapon dildo deep inside him. When he grabs her ass to pull her in deeper, Roxanne knows she turned him into a full on ass slut. She lays him down flat and works her hips, fucking him just right. When he is about to cum from her gyrating her cock on his prostate, she stops, pulls out and makes him get on his knees in front of her. Roxanne Rae leaves Lance begging for more after fucking him so good with her strap-on. Now she returns with her best friend, Jessica Robbin and they both have rubber dicks. Jessica's huge natural tits are bouncing when Roxanne gets Lance on his back, begging for more of her ass fucking, hoping he can cum this time. Jessica rams her thick pink dildo in his mouth while Roxanne fucks him. The two hotties make out while filling both of Lance's holes, making him writhe beneath them. When he finally cums, Roxanne aims his cock perfect, making Lance give himself a facial. She grabs the pink cock, rubs it in his cum and makes him suck it off before the two girls leave him in his mess.

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