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Jessica Robbin, Angelina Castro

July 2, 2014


Description: You don't want to be late for class today. The topic of the day is the anatomy of the penis. Ms. Angelina Castro is the best professor to teach this subject. She's done a lot of research with the biggest cocks around. Her favorite student, the hot and busty Jessica Robbin, is in the front row paying attention to every word. To teach Jessica, Ms. Castro brought in her trusty fucking machine equipped with a life-like dildo. Ms. Castro has Jessica identify the dick head. Then the shaft and balls. Jessica does know a thing or two. Yet for her to really learn the importance of the male genitals, Ms. Castro needs a pussy to demonstrate what a penis can really do. Jessica Robbin gladly volunteers her young and tasty cunt. Jessica slowly disrobes nervously, revealing bouncy boobs and one hot bubble butt. To help ease Jessica, Ms. Castro takes off her top, which does make Jessica much more comfortable. Ms. Castro guides Jessica through penetration, ripping her pantyhose at the crotch, lecturing about how well the vagina can take a dick by inserting the dildo deep inside Jessica. Ms. Castro then turns on the machine and let's Jessica enjoy a few slow insertions. That makes Jessica quite wet, which is perfect when Ms. Castro amps up the speed on the machine. Jessica orgasms a few times, especially when Ms. Castro pulls out a vibrator and teases Jessica's clit. This lesbian fucking machine session will definitely make you watch over and over again. School is so much fun!

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