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Missy Lynn

January 9, 2014


Description: By popular demand amongst our devoted fans, we had to call Missy Lynn back in for some more fucking fun. She was glad we did. The last time she was hear, she noticed our XXXL dildo. She figured she could take that without a problem. There's nothing like a challenge. Of course she has to get herself horny. She worships her long toned legs beautifully enclosed by a pair of tight pantyhose. She rips the crotch of her nylons and shoves a few fingers up her meaty hole. We're hoping she can take the huge dildo she asked for. We lube her tight pussy to help. She assumes the position and nervously waits as we prep the machine. She eyes the dangling rubber staring back at her. If it could talk, it'd certainly warn her of how swollen it's going to leave her pussy. She holds the dildo at the opening of her vagina and we turn on the machine. The heavy dick barrels it's way in Missy, leaving her speechless. It goes in deeper and deeper and deeper. She's never experienced a fucking like this. We give her a vibrator to add to the fun. She immediately starts flinching and moaning, the XXXL dildo picking up momentum. She's taking the larger model quite well. Watching her swallow the fake dick with her pussy is a guaranteed great jerk off session.

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