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Sarah Luxor

July 30, 2014


Description: Sarah Luxor, an athletic hottie, is a bit disappointed. She tried out for the soccer team, which her stepfather coaches, and only made second string. She was hoping to become captain and play for scouts. She goes to her stepdad's office after school with a couple of friends and wants to know why she only made second string. Her stepdad is very honest. He needs strong players for the team and Sarah lacked the necessary techniques and speed due to weak ankles. Sarah wants to know if there's any exercises she can do, maybe some drills. Since he's her stepfather, he's not sure whether he should tell her. It can be considered a sexual act. Sarah desperately wants to know. The best exercise for stronger ankles is giving foot jobs. They actually work out the entire leg. Sarah has never given one. Her stepdad offers to teach her. When she's done with him, she can go practice with her boyfriend. Yes coach! She gladly pulls his gym pants down and runs her feet all over his cock and balls. He's rock hard in no time, ready for feet stroking. We're thinking he was hoping for this moment. To make this foot job better, Sarah's friends stay and help her out. They rub their cute feet all over their coach's body as Sarah strokes his dick. An innocent ankle exercise turned into a reason to make sure the door is locked. Take a look.

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