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Alby Rydes

July 29, 2014


Description: Another fan of Foot Job Addict sent us another great idea we thought would be hot to make. It's the first day of Ms. Angelina Castro's class and she's going through the syllabus. Amongst the bored students goofing off, Alby Rydes, one hot school girl, decides to have some fun. She was excited to see the guy she's crushing on is sitting next to her. She takes the opportunity to show him how big her crush is. As Ms. Castro lectures on, Alby reaches for the guy's crotch. Who would turned down a hot public groping from the girl with the perkiest pair of tits in school? He gladly spreads his legs so she can get a bigger hand full. Even the other student in class is enjoying the view. Uh oh! Guess who just caught. That's right, Ms. Castro. She's waiting for the day when she doesn't have to discipline troubling students. She bends Alby over her desk, pulls up her skirt and gives her the spanking she deserves. Seems like Alby likes it. The punishment doesn't end there. Since Alby is so handsy, Ms. Castro wants her to stroke the guy with her feet. She will be grading Alby's performance, so she better get it right. Luckily, Alby is no stranger to giving intense foot jobs. She wants to impress her crush. Watch to see if Ms. Castro passes Alby for the day.

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