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Sofia Vega

July 28, 2014


Description: The worst official in school has to be the pesky hall monitor. They are all one of kind, always checking for hall passes and handing out consequences with ease when they catch a student without. There's one student in school who doesn't care about the hall monitor, caught countless times in the hallway without permission. But Sofia Vega can't get away with it forever. The hall monitor is fed up and pulls her into an empty classroom for a lecture...and a spanking. He takes Sofia over his knee and whacks her ass cheeks a few times with his bare hand. As he spanks her, he notices her high heels. He takes out his trusty ruler and measures her heels. Their height goes against school policy. But he holds onto them a bit long, his face too close. When he pulls one off and sniffs it, Sofia is caught off guard, not sure what to do. This guy is a freak! When he sticks her toes in his mouth, she can't deny how good it feels. She has him take off the other, sticking all her toes in his mouth. This perverted hall monitor wants to glide his cock between her soles. There's foot addicts all over this school, Sofia being the new addition. She grasps his dick with her hot feet and strokes it fast. She wants his cum all over her feet. She's thinking she's off the hook for being caught in the hall again. If not, she'll just tell the principle what he "made" her do. Either way, she's having a good time.

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