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Kendra Cole

July 24, 2015


Description: Every hot 18 year old feels like they can be a bit sexier. With today's advancements in cosmetic surgery, it's definitely possible to do so. The flirty Kendra Cole is thinking about getting her butt pumped. She's needs an opinion from a guy who knows a thing or two about round asses: her stepbrother. She pulls down her shorts and asks him whether or not she should get a bigger ass. He's shocked at his stepsister, yet can't look away from her cute little bottom. She can tell he's shy. To get an honest answer, she grabs his hand and places it on her ass cheek. That's the real way to tell if one should get their butt done: Can a guy get a handful? Her stepbrother has no problem grabbing her ass. Kendra was always wondering if she should get breast implants, peeling off her shirt and allowing her stepbrother to touch her bouncy tits. She notices his dick is hard as a rock underneath his pants. She's taking as a no to surgery and yes to a wet blow job. She reaches inside his underwear and pulls out his cock, shoving it deep down her throat. Her stepbrother would stop her, but it feels too good. She may be 18, yet she knows how to suck a dick. She wants her stepbrother's cum dripping from her face. We're wondering how many guys has she asked about getting surgery. She is a dick hungry 18 year old.

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