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Scarlett Rose

July 31, 2014


Description: Ultra is one of the hottest events in Miami. Sexy women flock the streets in skimpy colorful outfits. Our creeper takes advantage with his camera and looks for another hottie to bring back to the studio. He spots a pair of sexy legs attached to a sexy girl with the juiciest ass at Ultra. She looks like she's waiting for someone. Whatever the case, her creeper's lens scopes every inch of her longs legs, tightly bound in silky shiny nude pantyhose. Her leopard high heels turn him on even more. Tired of waiting, she goes back to her hotel. That doesn't dissuade her creeper's efforts. He waits in the lobby, hoping she'll come down soon, which we happy to inform she does. He gets Scarlett Rose back to the studio and poses for her creeper. She doesn't understand why his camera is on her long legs and not her face. When she finds out of his true intentions, there's no way. He's not good enough. But she does like watching guys jerk off to her. She can also use the money to cover her ticket to Ultra. She loves teasing a guy with her bubble butt, letting it jiggle in front of his face. He wants to touch her bouncy boobs so bad, but he can't. Her creeper has a hard time holding his load. The way she plays with her pantyhose will give you a hard time too.

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