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Christi Anderson

July 17, 2014


Description: Our creeper is out with his camera. You know what he's looking for. If she isn't wearing any panties, he struck gold. A few minutes in, he spots a long pair of legs wrapped in shiny nude nylons. He can't help but follow her. She walks around the park, strutting her sexy legs and tall high heels. She gets a bit more relaxed, sitting down at a bench. Her creeper's stare his on her loose dress which is slowly riding up, giving him the perfect view of her pussy. That's right, she isn't wearing any panties. He wants to fuck the hot blond so bad, he stops her to chat. With some monetary persuasion, she goes back to his studio. She shows off her toned legs, smoothing her hands all over her sikly pantyhose. She enters another pose, accidentally revealing she isn't wearing any panties. She has to be a freaky slut. Wrong! There's no way her creeper would ever get the chance to even touch her. He's so lame, he probably doesn't know how to jerk off. She's generous enough to teach him, telling him what to do as she slips off her dress and heels. She pulls her nylons up her pussy, giving him one hell of a camel toe. Don't blow your load just yet. She does a lot more. You have to watch to see.

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