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Ezmie Lee

June 19, 2014


Description: Week to week, our creepy camera guy is successful in finding young beautiful girls walking around the city in tight silky pantyhose. Another thing they all have in common is they aren't wearing any panties, ultimately telling us why they aren't and then teasing us with what's not covered. But we never considered what if we ran into a girl we've shot before. Would she ignore us or confront us? On the prowl once again, our creeper was following a pair of long legs in shiny nylons and tall red high heels. Guess what. She too isn't wearing any panties. When he aims the camera higher to catch a glimpse of her face, it's Ezmie Lee. He was able to lure her into his studio for a "modeling" session. This time, she spots him, walking right up to him. Luckily for us, she's happy to see her old creeper. We created a monster and competition because she's been creeping around for the same thing. To help us out, and possibly to get off, she wants to do another shoot. The second she steps into our studio, she wants her creeper to pull out his cock. This girl has had plenty of time to learn more about jerking a cock. If you thought she was hot before, she gets even sexier and dirtier, licking her own feet up to her sweet toes. Of course, her creeper still isn't good enough to lay a hand on her. But he doesn't mind stroking his cock for this creeper Goddess.

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