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Shelby Paige

June 12, 2014


Description: It's a rainy day in Miami, but like the mail man, our creepy camera guy is out looking for another hot babe in pantyhose. If she isn't wearing any panties, even better. A short pink skirt and silky shiny pantyhose crossing the street grabs his attention. He follows the sexy long legs into the park, finding a tree to hide behind when the girl he's after sits down. This beauty has long blonde hair flowing in the wind, a cute face, and sexy tall high heels. Of course, her creeper is trying to see up her skirt, hoping for the lack of underwear. His instinct is dead on, for she isn't wearing panties. She gets up to leave. If he doesn't make his move, he's going to lose her. He introduces himself to Shelby Paige, offering his usual "modeling" opportunity. She has to run back to work, but the more money he offers the more interested she is. He gets her back to his studio and watches her pose for him, of course his lens focusing on her smooth nude pantyhose, aiming for the beloved up-skirt shot. He can't resist anymore and wants to fuck her so badly. He always confuses Goddesses for sluts. Shelby expects to be worshiped. She would never fuck such a creepy dude. But since he's offering more money, she'll instruct him how to jerk his cock. Showing off her long sexy legs, slowly undressing down to her sexy tight pantyhose, and playing with her gorgeous tight pussy definitely helps to stroke out a big steamy load. Watch for yourself.

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